It's amazing

Key features

Multilanguage & Multi-site Support

Add multiple languages to a website or run multiple sites on one instance.


Integrated caching to improve your page load time. Automatic consolidation of CSS and Javascript.


Adding a custom theme has never been so easy. Make your page unique with your own style.


Create SEO optimized URL's or page description.

Drag & Drop

Build your website like wysiwyg.

Core extensions

News / Blog, Richt Text Editor, Default Theme.

Live editing

See what you do (wysiwyg), live in the frontend.

Dynamic templates

Create user editable templates with few lines of code.

Own extensions

Create your own extensions with our powerful framework and very low learning curve.

Some components we use

  • PHP

    Fraym use PHP 5.5 and above

  • PHP-DI

    Fraym use the dependency injection library

  • Doctrine

    Fraym use Doctrine ORM, Annotations and more

  • Composer

    Fraym use composer for installation and updates (via web interface)