First steps

Getting up and running

Site Manager

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The essential thing for editing your website.

After installing Fraym, you the on the left side the site manager menu. You can toggle the site manager menu with the first button.

Here is a list of all core Site Manager extensions:

Name Description
Change Set Manager The Change Set Manager is one of the most essential thing. If you make changes on the website, the change are only shown if you are logged in as a administrator. With the Change Set Manager you can undo changes you have made or deploy changes to all users.
Data Manager The Data Manager stores all dataset records and configurations. Here you can edit domains, websites, templates, locales, configuration constants, extension datasets and much more, it depends on the extensions you have installed.
File Manager With the File Manager you can show, edit, delete, copy, rename, upload and download files and folders.
Menu Editor With the Menu Editor you can add and edit pages from your website.
Package Manager The Package Manager shows you all installed extensions for Fraym. You can also search extensions, install, uninstall or remove extensions with the Package Manager.
Enable/Disable Edit Mode If you enable the edit mode, you can edit the content on the website. Add and edit extension, drag & drop elements and more. All elements that can be added to your website are called "Blocks"
What are blocks?

Editing the content

Editing the content is easier than you think. Enable the edit mode on the left side menu (Site Manager). If the edit mode is enabled the default theme page is now empty, because all the template placeholders are not shown if the edit mode is enabled.

If you hover with your mouse cursor over the page you will see the container where you can add elements (blocks). Click on the plus + next to the container with the Id: "tf-home-wrapper" to add a "Configurable template" element here. A dialog apears to add a block extension. In the extension dropdown choose "Configurable template", a new tab should apear:

Click on the new tab called "Configurable template" in the dropdown choose the "Hero-image.tpl", now you can choose a text and image for the "Hero-image" element. After that you can click on the "Save" button on the upper right of the dialog.

This was an example how you can add a element. If you can't click on the buttons on the new added element click on the "Block to Top" arrow to bring the block in front of the overlapping block.

Now you can click on the buttons on the upper right of the new added block element. With the buttons you can copy, past, past as referenz or cut a element to another container or page/container.

You can also drag & drop the new added element to other containers.